Child Guard

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The Child Guard Monitor

Child security and safety is of paramount importance to everyone.

Keeping track of your child just got easier. Now you can let your child unleash their endless bundle of energy while you are busy shopping or while they are playing with their mates by constantly monitoring their movement with the Child Guard Monitor. The chances of losing your child in a crowded area is minimized with the Child Guard Monitor.


Transmitter - height 2 inch, width 1.5 inch, thickness - 0.6 inch

Receiver     - height 2 inch, width 1.5 inch, thickness - 0.5 inch

Batteries are included.

How it works.

When both the transmitter/receiver are turned on, the transmitter (cat figure worn on the child) sends a constant pulse signal to the receiver (white unit on keychain hold by the parent). The signal distance between the transmitter and receiver is adjustable between 3 to 20 feet (1 to 7 meters) for the Child Guard monitor. When the two units become separated beyond the preset distance, the transmitter starts to beep to alert the parent to take the necessary action.

Each transmitter/receiver set has a unique auto digit lock system code assigned to it when they are assembled in the factory. There are 16,777,216 digital codes so the probability of a monitor holder encountering another monitor holder with an identical digital code is highly unlikely.

Depending on usage, the replaceable lithium batteries have an estimated eight months to one year life.

The Child Guard can also be used as a "Purse Guard" to protect your valuable from thief.



FCC approved: No.L2TX100 CE approved: No.L06CE498


16 millions digital combinations.


Adjustable monitor distance - 3 feet to 20 feet (1m to 7m)


Incorporated the latest state-of-the-art SMT technology.


Fail safe alarm - parent receiver will beep if the transmitter is accidentally switch off.


Replaceable long life lithium batteries included


LED light unit on transmitter and receiver to indicate power on or off.


Receiver color - white (Act also a keychain holder)


Transmitter color - Available in yellow, turquoise, or pink


Transmitter is enclosed in attractive cat shaped casing which can be worn around the neck as a necklace or pinned to clothing.


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