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Up PTOP BFP CEMS Slot Bunker Stacker UT Warning Light

Control Valves PTOP Upgrading.

Upgrading of ABB Pulse to Pneumatic (PTOP) Controller for Automatic Plant Control (APC) for control valves and dampers for SJSSAA Phase 2 - Unit No. 3 & 4. In addition, the positioner feedback was also upgraded. Scope of works involves installation of PTOP, supply of PTOP stands and instrument tubing's, instrument air tubing hook up, calibration and stroke testing of the control valves & dampers after modification works were carried out. Termination of existing control cables and loop check were also included in the scope of works. Instrutech Engineering supplied the ABB PTOP to TNBG.

View of ABB PTOP

View of Control Drive for Damper

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