Stacker UT

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Up PTOP BFP CEMS Slot Bunker Stacker UT Warning Light

Stacker / Reclaimer Ultrasonic level Transmitter.

Retrofitting of existing ultrasonic level transmitters by Omron ultrasonic level transmitters for SJSSAA Phase 2 Coal Handling Plant. Scope of works involved dismantling of existing local display, ultrasonic transducers and replacing with Omron ultrasonic controller and transducers for the Stacker / Reclaimer. Rewiring, instrument setup (programming), calibration, testing, and loop check were also included in the scope of works. Instrutech Engineering supplied the new Controllers and ultrasonic transducers.

View of Ultrasonic Transmitter. View of Stacker Reclaimer.
Bucket Wheel Level Display Close up of display Stacker Reclaimer






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