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SJSSAA Kapar - Reinstallation of Electrical cables at TT-4

Saftech was contracted by TNBG for the cables pulling and jointing for power, control and instrument cables found damaged by fire in Transfer Tower-4 for Coal Handling Plant.

There was a incident where a fire broke out around our client plant. Several power and control cables that were essential for the plant operation were damaged by the fire. Saftech were contracted to repair the damaged cables in order to get the plant back in operation. Majority of the control and instrument were reroute to new junction boxes. Power cables were jointed by license jointer using Raychem termination kit for cable above The works was considered urgent by the client as they will suffered lost in revenue due to the plant non-availability. Due to the requirement of our client to get the plant back in operation on a urgent basis, Saftech have managed to carry out the repair work on 24 hours shift work and bring the plant back in operation in a record time of three days even though we were given a period of seven days. We have proven to our client that we can managed the works even though short notice were given.


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